Hi there, and

W elcome to my little place on the internet. This site serves several purposes... predominately it gives me a place for me to practice web development, as that is what I do professionally. This is probably the fourth "version" of my web site since I started it back in 1997. The current incarnation utilizes Microsofts ASP.NET, and I am available to do part time work in the Charlotte/Hickory areas of North Carolina.

But in addition to being a "practice" site, I have also been trying to develop some good content here. There are a couple of areas where I have some considerable knowledge other than computer programming. I was a Harley Davidson mechanic for 4 years, after having attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute for 13 months. In the near future, I hope to have some "how to" tips for do-it-yourselfers out there, with some step-by-step tutorials with pictures. I also have an extensive writeup of my time at MMI .

Another area where I have some good general knowledge is in the field of photography. I've been a serious photographer for several years, primarily in the area of nature photography. I already have some good information about photography techniques , I hope to be growing that portion of my web site as well.